Final Friday Funday

Look out for a blog tomorrow.  It will be about the other update I mentioned earlier this week and about how we will attempt to host the Open in addition to a reminder to moving day this weekend that will be after our final workout, the infamous Brosesh (@10am)!  I’ve really tried to be hopeful that a place would appear, but doesn’t seem likely… at least not immediately.  I’ve had Plan A and Plan B since I got news of our forced relocation.  And then Plan C, D, E, and F were formulated as “Just in case,” or “What If’s,” but this one will be more like Plan J… I think, I’ve lost track by now.  Also, I’ve taken down the Red Rig… I like posting pics of updates made in the gym with new changes… but I didn’t want to take pictures of this one.  See you all tomorrow.

18th Of February Year 2022

Final Friday Funday Workout everyone, our last normally scheduled class for the time being.  (Brosesh is a little different and its own category).

7 Power Snatches @135/95
9 Pull-Ups/ 4 Muscle Ups
Odd Object

12 Walking Lunges @135/95
6 Burpees Box Box Overs

9-7-5 @135/95

Odd Object
200m Run!!

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