All hands on deck!

This Saturday will be our last Brosesh in our place.  The Brosesh time will be at 10am though… I’m thinking of a Partna’ Workout.  I feel like it couldn’t be a better workout to end our 8 years in this facility.  We actually moved in on Valentine’s weekend back in 2014… when in Rome though I guess.  I mentioned all hands on deck because I need your help.  I can’t move everything on my own in this time frame.  I wanted to wait as long as I could in hopes of a temporary new gym-home to pop up, and I wanted to continue classes for everyone for as much of the month as I could hold out on.  So… whom ever is willing to spend a couple hours helping me move the equipment we will be doing the move after this weekends Brosesh.  Any available pickups, TRAILERS, and extra bodies to help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED, even if you don’t come to Brosesh (so probably around 11-11:30).  We can all go to Bosque after for a drink and lunch as well 🙂  One more announcement will be out in tomorrow’s blog post, but for now, the last week of February we will be closed as I finish up the move and clearing everything out.  Everyone’s accounts will be cancelled if we don’t find a new facility so you won’t be charged in March.  Thank you everyone and see you tomorrow for another goodie workout.

15th Of February Year 2022

Strength and Accessory
3 Clean and Jerks
30 Sec Plank Walk Outs

3 Cleans (Power or Squat)
30 Sec Plank Step Ups

Kalsu Style
100 Cal Row
***Every Minute on The Minute Complete: 7 Toes To Bar
Gabe looked up this sick workout we did last year and hinted that he like it, and his only wish that Santa didn’t bring him this past Christmas was not doing this workout…. Well Gabe, hear ya go! The workout was from June 29th, 2021. Kalsu is always a fun one. We actually did one this last Brosesh…. that one was a killer! This one won’t be nearly as bad. See you all tomorrow!

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