More Squats Anyone?

Straight to the point today.  Here’s a quick video to change our normal blogging feed with some fun and cool content!  One of my favorite CrossFitters and one of my favorite strongman competitors.  Brian Shaw is da man! Strength/ Accessory  Bench Press – 5×6 GHDs – 5×15 Banded Kettlebell Swings Conditioning AMRAP 15 20 Overhead … More More Squats Anyone?

Time For A Fun One!

We live in a world where couplets and triplets dominate an optimal fitness response to gain the best results…. But increasing workout capacity is grounded by variance, and it is across a vastness of broad time and arguably an infinite of modal domains. Tomorrow our programming consists of a chipper… a fun chipper! One that … More Time For A Fun One!

New Toys

I’d like to thank Samson Equipment Inc. for their great service in getting our new toys! It’s pretty cool to have a manufacturer of training equipment a stone throw away.  #supportlocal These foam plyoboxes are like the two Titan multi height ones we have but waaaaaay better!  These have a much wider base to increase … More New Toys

The Game Is Going To Go On… Seize That Moment

The time has come!  It’s here!  Finally!  What happens when a tornado meets a volcano??  You’re about to find out!  Our In-House competition “Game Of Podiums” is tomorrow.  By design, these workout are within our wheel house as a whole, and structured to meet the demands of the training we’ve been exposed to and developed.  … More The Game Is Going To Go On… Seize That Moment

Pick Your Poison

I was getting ready for the first meeting with the Sheriff’s academy last night so I didn’t get a chance to post the blog last night. As a treat, today you get to pick your poison on some of the structure and implementation to your workout! Conditioning 4 Rounds of: 10 Power Cleans/ 10 Power … More Pick Your Poison

Totally Open Today!

Tomorrow we will have normal operating hours throughout the day! Hope you enjoy your day off for those that get it and see you tomorrow! One important announcement.  I mentioned to the 5 and 6a.m.ers in person, but in case anyone gets a wild idea and is feeling frisky and wants to come and throwdown … More Totally Open Today!