What We’re Doing To Get By

So, it looks like we will be going to a storage unit for the time being before we can get into another building. I had planned as a last resort, in attempts to get you by until then, to rent out equipment you may use at home similar to the three month lock down in 2020. This time around I will be itemizing each piece of equipment individually and in packages. You simply choose equipment that you’d like to use if you are interested. We are still planning on having Brosesh at 10am and moving into the storage unit immediately after (So, around 11:30ish). For those that will be wanting to rent equipment, this will be done after we move the equipment into the storage unit. So, it would be helpful to be at the gym at 11:30 to pick out your equipment before we move the left overs to the unit.

Regarding the Open. For those of you still wanting to participate in this year’s CrossFit Open (I’m in!), Jazzy has offered to host the event at her and Luis’ garage gym. We may be able to squeeze in the first Open at the gym depending what that first workout will be. That is still TBD as things may change other factors are involved. Call or text me with any questions.

If anything changes suddenly with new news, I will let you know.  Thanks.

Barbell and clips: $30
Bumpers (In Pairs): $10
Rower: $50
Airdyne Bike: $50
GHD: $25
Dumbbells (In Pairs): $10
Medicine Balls: $10
Kettlebell (Single): $10
Jump Rope: $2

Barbell and metal clips + Weights (Dual Pair) + Rower + KB + DB + Medball: $110
Barbell and metal clips + Weights (Dual Pair) + Bike + KB + DB + Medball: $110
Barbell and metal clips + Weights (Dual Pair) + Rower or Bike + KB + DB + Medball + GHD: $125

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