Define CrossFit? And What It Is That We Do

The posterior chain is the strongest chain in the body.  In 1st world countries, cultural and modern lifestyles have reduced the bodies natural progression and functional design.  Jenae mentioned that CrossFit is badass for many reasons, and one is because of it’s priority to honor those that have died in the line of duty by giving those a Hero Workouts.  CrossFit methodology and movement principals that hold against debate is another reason.  CrossFit is, by definition Constantly Varied Functional Movement, executed at relatively high intensity and is measuring fitness through increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domain.  The “Functional Movement” portion of that definition, is loosely thrown around in the fitness space ever since CF made a splash… and has been debated, BUT, you can’t debate biomechanical principals, what is debated is at least opinion and at best purpose.  Throwing a baseball at 90+mph is going to be injurious to the shoulder…. hanging on gymnast rings and throwing your body around and interrupting centripetal forces and transverse velocities will also eventually damage soft tissue (But to argue the argument, when paychecks and national pride are involved, I wouldn’t care about those flesh wounds-PURPOSE*).  Functional movement is seen in real life.  We see it on job sites, bailing hay and blue collar work tasks, survival scenarios, and even helping your dear coach move facilities.  We prioritize making people better human beings.  Moving large loads, over long distances, quickly… and the byproduct of those on an elite level doing so, we dub the Fittest!  “The needs of our Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind,” CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman.  The strongest people in the world are well over 400 pounds, and around 7 feet or exceeding that…. mass moves mass.  That is also why there are weight classes in Olympic weight classes (Can you believe they took that out of the summer Olympics!  Those heathens!).  We, as a collective group in CF look to better the individual from our past selves, habits, or discrepancies.  I like that we don’t look at weight class because we’re not interested in those figures… yet.  We will never beat the strongest people in the world (Or Squat more than Jason), nor will we outrun an ultra marathon runner that competes at races of 100 to 200, sometimes 300 miles runs!  BUT!  We do fit right in the middle and you know what…… we WILL hold our ground!

9th Of February Year 2022

Barbell Movement (Your Choice)
11-8 Cal Bike

Deadlifts @225/155
Handstand Push-Ups
Sandbag Over The Shoulder
Toes To Bar

**Pop quiz on material from above this Friday

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