Russian Dance Moves

11th Of August Year 2020 Accessory  4 Sets Of: 15 Banded Russian Kettlebell Swings 45 Sec Russian Twist 8 Bent Over Rows w/ 2 Sec Pause Conditioning 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Hang Power Cleans @155/105 Burpees Rest?? 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Push Jerk @155/105 Over The Box Jump

In Your Atmosphere

   A special Happy Birthday!!  My concert buddy, my roomie in college, my big sis.  I don’t think I ever told her, but I started drawing in high school because of her.  She was an excellent artist when we were kids, and I always wanted to draw like she did.  So, when I was choosing … More In Your Atmosphere

The Most Athletic Movement In All Of Sports

Congratulations to my homie Gaskins!  He just graduated with another Masters degree… that’s right another one!  Getting higher education in later years of your life seems daunting, but Gaskins did it with everything on his plate being a father.  If you want something in life, don’t let the naysayers stop you. This month’s Legend Of … More The Most Athletic Movement In All Of Sports

Lift Yourself Up

31st Of July Year 2020 Strength Tough/Weighted Pull-Ups 10×3 **Make these difficult.  Make them challenging.  Make them either strict, weighted, chest to bar, with a smaller band, L Pull-Ups, or one-handed…. But these pull-ups are to be understood and approached as a strength piece on the development of the pulling mechanism with focus on both … More Lift Yourself Up

Work Capacity

Talk about constantly varied function movements executed at a relatively high intensity.  I had to think outside the box on this one.  I wouldn’t normally come up with something like this, but….. If you look at the loads at think, “No way!”  Don’t worry, we will discuss options and appropriate tailoring as usual… have I … More Work Capacity

Burning Hot

Well today as a surprise.  A GOOD surprise.  PR’s hit all day long!  And, even more pretty darn close squats to previous old max lifts!  Well, no explanation other than strong Wills equals strong bodies.  Amazing job everyone.  If you were within 90% of your previous max then you are in fantastic shape.  Not only … More Burning Hot