Friday Upgrade

I have a few projects I’ve been planning out this week.  I will be working on them tomorrow and this weekend.  I’m crossing my fingers and hope they turn out they way it looks in my head!  I hope I can finish by Monday to surprise you all.  Wish me luck! 16th Of April Year … More Friday Upgrade

A Little Switcharoo

Recently our week has had some predictability with a general blueprint of starting with squats on Monday, Accessory on Tuesday’s and yada yada yada.  Not everyone can make it in on Tuesday for the Accessory stuff.  The Accessory is like a supplement to the “Meat and Potatoes” of everything else that we do… but, like … More A Little Switcharoo

Friday Funday

Happy Friday everyone!  Getting straight to the nitty gritty today.  I took a spin off one of the Quarterfinals workouts that were posted this weekend.  I was talking to Andrew today, and he was saying that breaking it up wouldn’t be as bad… because it doesn’t look as bad…. I completely agree!  There aren’t as … More Friday Funday

Friday Announcement

The Quarterfinal Tests have been posted!  They are definitely worthy of this Quarterfinal Stage…. yikes!  I bet Sophia is really looking forward to the 3rd Test that’s 120 Wallballs and 120 Cal on the rower for time! Hahah!  We will be doing the first Test today at around 4 or 4:30pm.  Tomorrow morning we will … More Friday Announcement

Pick Things Up And Put Things Down

A couple of “Your Choice” options for today’s Accessory piece.  Choose between:  Axel Bar, Farmer’s Carry, Sandbag, Stones, and DB/KB implementations for your Odd Object minute and any high’ish skilled body weight movement for the GOAT Training.  We’re moving large loads over long distances quickly…. This applies most commonly to weighted objects such as barbells, … More Pick Things Up And Put Things Down

Happy Easter and Quick Announcement

Check out all those beautiful workouts!  This past “From The Hat” had some pretty darn good workouts.  Which one looks like fun to you!?!? I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the nice weather and had a fun and happy Easter weekend with your families! ********************************************************* With the Open done and over with, we … More Happy Easter and Quick Announcement

From The Hat

Another first Friday of the month!  Time to pick our workout from the oooooold hat.  Happy Good Friday everyone! 2nd Of April Year 2021 Conditioning “From The Hat!”