Grip Strength

Tomorrow’s focus is going to be one of an old school concept, but extremely essential… grip strength.  Our grip is vital.  We don’t only use and need it for just about everything, but in the the exercise science world that’s actually the main unit of measurement of how they define “Strength.”  They measure your grip strength just like your flexibility, VO2 Max, and body composition is measured.  I don’t fully agree with grouping an individual from the masses that exit solely by how hard they can squeeze a dynomax machine, but I do think it can paint somewhat of a picture of how that individual can generate force and contractile potential.  Strength is tricky because not all strengths are created equal as you can see spectacular feats of strength in all walks in the fitness world, but, hanging from a bar and a decent amount of time and having the ability to grab on to something and stand it up without having your grip fail you is essential.  I guess we do train grip quiet often… but tomorrow’s session is one that does have that quiet in mind.

30th Of November Year 2021

45 Sec Dead Hang on High Bars
30 Sec Russian Twists
5 Bench Press
GOAT Training

7 Rounds Of:
7 Deadlifts @165/110 or 225/155
9 Handstand Push-Ups
40′ Farmer’s Carry

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