Calories In = Calories Out?

Before Desert Games I spoke to a few people how I hate training for competition… well to be more precise, I hate the week of competition.  The training the week of a competition has to be done with a bit of elegance and delicacy.  It’s a fine line between training hard enough aerobically that you don’t loose any of your gainz, and simultaneously not training too hard that is going to leave any residual effects going into the competition like soreness and any negative aches and pains…. first world problems 😦  Mostly I just don’t really like how it affects my training.  It greatly puts a significant halt on my normal programming and what I like to do, like challenging myself by doing things that are ultimately going to  get me stronger and fitter.  When you are preparing for something like that, you just don’t get to do any of the fun stuff!  Liiiiiiiiiiiike this workout 😉 Glad I’m doing some fitness to be generally physically prepared (GPP) for the calories to come on Thanksgiving!

23rd Of November Year 2021

Strength & Performance
5 Push Press (Challenging/Strength)
7 Devil’s Press
9 Cal Row

Thrusters @95/65

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