What’s Around The Corner?!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed some pretty nice weather!  Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving!?  I had to check my calendar because that didn’t sound right, but it’s right around the corner.  Speaking of what’s around the corner…. Tis the season!  So last year was the year we all want to forget, our Christmas Secret Santa also didn’t have much interest, BUT!  I think this year a White Elephant will be a winner!  Our 2021 Christmas Party will be either December 11th or Dec 18th, I’m leaning more towards the 18th, but that’s might interfere will someone’s bday 😉 so I will give some confirmation of the specific dates and times soon to come.  I think it’s a great time of year… I literally wait for it all year!  Let’s plan for a great, fun, and MUCH needed celebration of holidays, friends, and of course… FITNESS!

15th Of November Year 2021

Back Squat
5×5 @75-80%1RM

5 Wallcrawls
10 Hang Power Snatches @75/55
10 Front Rack Walking Lunges
15 Pull-Ups

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