Handtools Vs. Power Tools

Handtools and hand cut dovetails.  I’ve only ever done dovetails once… last week.  I was making a case/stand for my saws and I wanted a strong joint to hold the weight of the saws without using screws.  The dovetail is a very strong joint as it uses mechanical leverage as one end is made wider while it tapers down to a thinner opposite end to hold the two pieces tight with a snug fit.  I made one tail the opposite way, just an error that I hope to never make again, and only having two pieces of wood to work with that my Dad gave me, I snipped the end to fit and had to add a little GRK screw (Those screws are amazing), that side I did not show on the pics 😉  I’m using these advanced techniques to understand and practice these skills on little projects for my little shop to try and figure out the bug and those mistakes so I can learn from them.  Made almost entirely from handtools, the box that will have a sole purpose of being the home to my chisels took several days to make… Walnut and maple grrrrr ❤  These Lie-Nielsen socket chisels are beautiful and I love them even more because my Dad bought them for me, so they deserve a well deserving home.  I can only work on this kind of stuff here and there before having to remember to turn off all the power strips, not put gym clothes on backwards, and grab a protein bottle…. I forget that last one pretty often.  I’ve never seen hand cut dovetails and you can’t find handmade stuff, even rarer with handtools, often, so a bit proud of the effort I put into these, I thought I’d add them here to share.  Oh!  And the comb was a Bday gift for my sister.  I think the spikes need to be steeper and add a few more of them…. guess how many hours that one took?


16th Of August Year 2021

Back Squat – 2×10 @75%1RM Back Squat
Front Squat – 2×10 @65%1RM Back Squat

1 Round Of Cindy
3 Rope Climbs
1 Round Of Cindy
10 Devil’s Press @50/35

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