Wood Vs. Foam

Caution on the box jumps.  The nature of the Deadlifts and Rowing will take restrict the explosive ability from your legs…. That’s also what makes speed and fast twitch training effective.  Think about Olympic lifting.  It is essentially jumping with weight.  I don’t want anyone to take a stumble on the boxes tomorrow.  So, if … More Wood Vs. Foam

Legend Of The MoNTh!

We haven’t had our Legend Of The Month award for a minute.  It is due time we recognize hard work, consistency, diligence, good vibes, and passion.  I like to think this award means more so honoring the indomitable spirit that the individual brings to the gym, our community, the workouts, and to life.   This month’s … More Legend Of The MoNTh!

Tailor This Workout For You, Options In Description

Read me with an Irish/Scottish accent: Tomorrow’s workout is a version of the last workout from the CrossFit Games.  I had a request to implement this workout into our training regimen.  I figured the day before our rest day would be a good day for it! Even though this event was after 14 grueling tests … More Tailor This Workout For You, Options In Description