Good Ol’ EMOM Time

Tomorrow…. a good ol’ fashion EMOM.  A QUICK REMINDER THOUGH:  Please no Dumbbells on the boxes.  When we get tired the DB’s get set down a bit too hard…. and my heart cracks a little ;( lol 50% joking.  Also, choose your barbell implement.  Heavy, for reps, 30 seconds worth, odd object, light… it’s up to you!  See you all tomorrow!

Oh yea and remember, “Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die.”

21st Of July Year 2021

Strength & Conditioning
10 DB Box Step Overs
30 Sec Bike
Barbell Movement (Your Choice)
12 Toes To Bar
14 Ballslams
10 Push Press (DB’s, extra BB, or Axel Bar, heck even a sandbag will do!)

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