Spend Time Bottomed Out

Fran last Monday was so much fun I figured we should do some more Pull-Ups and Front Squats to start off our week! 😉  If you want to get better at Squats, do them often.  If you want to strong at them, I am very partial towards Pause Squats…  for many reasons.  Spending time at the bottom of the squat will not only address some sneaky mobility issues that can go unnoticed by rapidly coming out of the pocket, but also that bottom position is the, “Weak link,” of the squat.  So, we’ll spend a few seconds under load that potential is a position of restriction and then boom!  GAINS! See you all mañana!

19th Of July Year 2021

Back Squat
1 Pause Squat + 2 Normal Squats (Pause for 5 Secs)
***Build To A Heavy, but try to aim somewhere between 80-85%1RM

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Front Squat @95/65
Double Russian Kettlebell Swings
**At Minute 8 Increase the weight to 145/100

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