Marrah and Blue City Athletics!

I wonder how many affiliates are going to be programming this one today…. I’ll sign our name up! 😉  I found it funny how one of the announcers, Chase Ingram, was saying that there aren’t many CrossFitters with experience with Wallcrawls until the Open had them this year.  It assumed me because we do them on a weekly bases in our workouts… and reluctantly sometimes in the workouts lol.  Fun fact!  I competed against Chase Ingram the first year I competed.  It was before they had the Open when it was called Sectionals.  I had to travel to Tulsa, Ok for it and it was my first experience seeing other CrossFitters.  There wasn’t a CF gym in town yet.  I wouldn’t really say competed since I was pretty much dead last in every single one of my heats.  Chase was a self proclaimed Captain America and wore all the Cap stuff.  I thought he was a cool dude.  He even helped some of the kids that were trying out some moves and talked to them… he is a good dude.

Woooooow it is beyond cool to see Marrah this week/weekend at the freaking GAMES!  If you haven’t watched, part 2 of Day 1 was really cool as Marrah and her team performed outstanding!  It drives me nuts how terrible the camera doesn’t go to other teams and individuals.  They tend to stay with the bigger names and only about two or three teams.  Fortunately, Blue City Athletics was doing amazing and they were shown quiet a bit!  That’s good because I didn’t want to break my TV yelling at the camera to show them lol.  The link for Part 2 of the Teams from today will be after the workout on this post.  I wanted to show a couple pics I took of Marrah as I paused the video…. They even got her last name right this time lol.  Her gym was trying to raise funds to help with the financial burden of going to the Games by selling T-Shirts.  I got one and it came with a Blue City Athletics hand towel and a note from Marrah… I think that note is better than any T-shirt out there.  Thanks Marrah.  Good Luck with the remainder of the Games (the freaking CrossFit Games… still can’t believe it!) and crush it!!!  We are rooting and cheering for you and your team and praying you guys stay safe with those crazy workouts!


30th Of July Year 2021

Choose a Movement and build to a Heavy 3 Rep of that Movt

Thrusters @75/55 or 95/65

If you want to give the rep scheme from the Games:
Thrusters @95/65 or 135/95

Third Scaled Version:
Thrusters @135/95 if you want to try pushing the weight but hesitant with the volume

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