Road To The CrossFit Games!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers this gym fam has.  A father is many things… and an irreplaceable figure to a child.  In my father’s eye, I will always be a son…. and that’s always where I want to be.  Thank you for loving my mom, my sisters, and I the way you always have and always will.  There is no greater to me than you.  Love my jefe.  

I hope you all got to watch the West Coast Classics and if you didn’t they are on youtube and you can catch up!  One of our own is going to the 2021 NoBull CrossFit Games later this year!  Blue City Athletics punched their ticket in this weekend in the most excited team event I HAVE EVER SEEN!  It has been incredible to watch this young lady bloom and blossom into an extraordinary individual…. and to watch her compete at this level is beyond words and emotions.  Marrah and I graduated from the Kinesiology department at NMSU together…. and actually was a big part of me getting my diploma.  She helped me a ton and we were close friends.  We became closer friends when she started CrossFit here and I saw a friend daily.  Then she moved and I saw a friend get better at CrossFit…. and then better…. and better!  She and her team were in 1st place after event 5 and then started the third day, on Sunday, at third.  At this level that is a feat!  And, with shear commitment and trust in their teammates as adversity and fear stormed and thundered at them like a freight train….. they came out with…. well I let you tell what happened through the photos.  What a finish and I couldn’t be prouder of Marrah.  Hard work pays off.  Trust in the process works.  Success generally leads from hard work.  “Seeing down the pipeline and believing in your dreams is bliss.”  Marrah said that… paraphrased by Andres.  



21st Of June Year 2021

Back Squats
2×12 @70%1RM
3×2 @87.5%1RM

Hand Power Cleans @115/80




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