It’s.. About.. To Go.. Down

Weightlifting classes will be cancelled until further notice.  Instead, on Tuesday’s, we will be implementing workout like these for those that are interested.  It/they won’t really be anything new.  It is impossible to give all the examples of the workouts, but they will have a sorta “Brosesh-esk” feel to them.  A little more loading, and a bit more volume, sprinkling in a taste of sill (Things we just can’t get to during a 4-5 day training week.  All and any are welcome to this time frame just as before, tomorrow will be a taste of the weight buffet to come!

15th Of June Year 2021

Barbell & Accessory
1 Round Of Macho Man
30 Sec Overhead Bias Flutter Kicks w/ Slamball
**Macho Man
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Push Jerks

3 Rounds For Time: 18 Min Time Cap
10 Power Cleans @Same weight as Macho Man from above
20 Pull-Ups
30 Slamball Lunges
60 Double Unders

**Tailoring/scaling workouts doesn’t always only mean adjustment of the weights/loads.  Many times, like this workout, a great way to tailor a workout appropriately is to reduce (Or heck even increase!) the reps.

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