Mystery Workout

Tomorrow’s workout is a mystery!  I may even post it on our Instagram page…. Ooooo!  It won’t be too bad but the way it sounds I prefer it to be a mystery.  No one hates the Rower more than I do.  It literally upsets me lol.  I don’t mind any other movement we do but I detest the Rower!  It is a great application to implement in our training so we do use them weekly… I just need to get better at it.  🙂  Don’t deter from coming in.  We spend a lot of time on the barbell… more than most gyms.  I try to incorporate days to work on our fitness with other equipment; to widen the variance of our training and give a broader approach to as inclusive of programming as my limited abilities are able, while also adhering to the desires of an enjoyable workout that we gravitate towards… like the barbell!  But!  Tomorrow no BB, we’ll see it again on Wednesday with an good ‘ol fashion long EMOM! 😉

29th Of June Year 2021

3 Sets Of:
15 Weighted Sit-Ups
12 Plank Step Ups
12 Plank Walk Outs
12 Plank Leg Circles (Each Side!)

Mystery Workout!
Don’t worry it won’t be bad. It only involves the rower and Toes To Bar

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