Battery Acid Coursed Veins

This last Friday we had a choice for our strength piece between Bench Press and Push Press.  Tomorrow we will have the same “Options,” but will be doing the OPPOSITE movement you chose to do last Friday.  Stick to the same rep scheme.  The workout doesn’t have a prescribed load for the weighted movement, the power cleans, that’s because I want you to go moderate to heavy, leaning more towards the heavy side.  It will be a fairly long round so we want to have to work a bit for those Power Cleans!  See you tomorrow!  And remember… if you feel like battery acid is coursing through your veins, it probably means you did it right (CrossFit workouts that is… I don’t think that is a principal in many other areas of your life).

20th Of January Year 2021

Bench Press or Push Press

7 Power Cleans
7 Ring Dips
11 Cal Bike
11 Handstand Push-Ups

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