Mobility + Warm Up = Gainz!

I was looking up old Open workouts, and I realized how many of them have some crazy rep schemes…. 3 minutes of 3 Rounds… then if you complete that another 3 rounds of more reps and other have part A and part B. Or immensely long chipper style structures with rounds in it and weights and reps fluctuating throughout…. I wanted a simpler workout that would compliment our Strength piece.  This one will do!  Remember that anytime it say “Ground to Overhead,” means it gives you the opportunity to use any style of movement/lift that accomplished that task oriented standard.  On this one, the most common approach would be to either Clean and Jerk the bar or Snatch it.  Come in early and stretch out them shoulders!  We’ll do high rep OHS or heavy OHS in Brosesh and weightlifting, but it’s been awhile since OHS have shown up in our day to day programming.  Also, there are various tools throughout the gym to mobilize, stretch, and warm up for these multi-joint, high complex, demanding movements.  I encourage everyone to utilize and take advantage of them…. especially the Crossover Symmetry.  That thing is gold!  I plan (Like long term eventually, because they are EXPENSIVE) to have one at every squat rack.  There is a chart that you only follow as it gives you the band tension to use, the reps, and the movements for both shoulder and rotator cuff strength and warm up use.  My man Ben can tell you more about it…. enjoy!

18th Of January Year 2021

Overhead Squats

Back to some OPEN Workouts!!
Open 20.1
10 Rounds For Time:
8 Ground to Overhead @95/65
10 Bar Facing Burpees

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