The Most Athletic Movement In All Of Sports

The strength piece for tomorrow is all about the beloved/dreaded Snatches. It’s a love/hate relationship with them as they are so very technical, but… when you hit a heavy Snatch and catch it in that just perfect overhead position, it’s hard to beat that feeling. We gotta work diligently to achieve proficiency with this lift, as it is held as royalty in the CrossFit space that even extends to other areas in the fitness world. We can’t all just pick up a barbell and look as good as Tori! It’s just something of beauty to see it done well. I remember we had 2 Time Olympian and American Gold Medalist Chad Vaughn come and teach a weightlifting seminar in our old facility. We broke for lunch time and everyone left, I didn’t even know where they were going because Chad and his wife were going to do their workout during that hour. I stayed to watch knowing it would be my only chance to see an Olympian do what they do best. He was one of the best at what he does in the world, and I wasn’t going to miss it. He built to a single at 315 pounds. He told me that shouldn’t be very heavy for him and it was just another day of lifting for his ever going training cycles. I was in AWE. I believe there is something special in all of us. But, for those that climb the ladder to see a view most of us will only ever know “About”, rather than those that will know “Of,” there is something that sets them apart. Determination? Hard work? Shear will? I think a lot of people have those… maybe we just don’t claim it and grab to it as they do. Or maybe they were just meant to climb those ladders to see those views, and then teach us of their story so that we can learn to climb our own.

Look at those pretty red Adidas…. look familiar??

When the Snatch is taught, the overly used cue of “speed under the bar,” is one that gets lost and misperceived.  This is speed under the bar.

And one more just for funzies….. I like Clarence Kennedy as you can tell.  I found him on youtube back when I was training with Azadeh and Siddeeq.  I learned a lot from just watching him.

27th Of January Year 2021

5 Snatches
4 Snatches
2 Snatches


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