Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolate

Continuing with Games workouts!  I had wanted to do “Awful Annie” but Dumb Dumb me put a ton of Double Unders today… I just changed what I had planned to suit the day’s main entrée.  Be ready for anything on any given notice and prepare for life’s unknowns and unknowables… train to be generally physically prepared with applicable general and universal locomotive motor recruitment patterns with moving large loads over long distances and doing so quickly.  This is, is doing the common, uncommonly well….. or maybe I just got lucky 😉

22nd Of September Year 2020

5 Tough Pull-Ups
30sec L-Hold Flutter Kicks
10 Banded Knee High Box Step Ups
30sec Banded Russian Twists


Damn Diane
3 Rounds Of:
15 Deadlifts
15 Handstand Push-Ups
***The Game’s version was heavy and with a high demand of gymnastic skill. We will scale these appropriately considering what we did today and still being early in the week. Complete the handstand push-ups with a challenging set up; Strict, a lower level for the head to be lowered to, or trying to go upside down for the first time and being inverted with whatever depth you got that you can lock out with!

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