Power Is Intensity

I wanted to show some crazy strength.  Clarence Kennedy showed up on the scene and represented his nation of Ireland when he competed.  I stumbled upon him back in our old facility when I use to train with Azadeh and Siddeeq.  I learned much of what shaped me as a weightlifter just watching his videos… speed, power, explosiveness… also the use of specific drills to compliment the overall movement that made them applicable to optimizing the lift’s performance.  On the subject, Coach Mike Burgener was a great start to learning the lifts back when the availability of weightlifting and other areas were limited.  Chad Vaughn greatly propelled that learning curve and I attribute my background to these three… I’m pretty much a Mutt mixed from a wide range of various people, methodologies, sources, and platforms.  And I mean wiiiiiiide!  So, it’s an understatement saying Mutt… Super Mutt may be more precise.

With the Games going on this weekend and the buzz going on of who is doing well, and who, surprisingly, fell behind, I wanted to incorporate a little of the events into our own training regimen.  First off this week is the 1 Rep Max Front Squat.  So simple, so elegant, and yet soooooo demanding and detrimental.  The Front Squat tends to be neglected and not a favorite, let alone a strength of most individuals.  Here’s to the CrossFit Games and here’s to attacking certain weaknesses that are really just not “as trained as other movements!”

21st Of September Year 2020

Front Squats
Build to a Heavy Single (1 Rep as Heavy as Possible)

11 Push Press @75/55 Or @105/75 Or @135/95
22 Air Squats
44 Double Unders
**Find a weight that would be sufficient for you to stay UNBROKEN through fatigue. In between weights than the load provided are definitely acceptable!

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