Accountability often drives the interest in starting CrossFit, and has a lot to do with the sustainment of it.  On Wednesday, there was a choice in what workout you chose… pick your poison… and I left it completely up to you from the AMRAP’s provided.  I was extremely impressed with some of your choices, “I want to do the Overhead Squat workout because I need to work on them.” Or, “I don’t get on the bike much so I’m guna do that one!”  Sometimes (most times) we tend to gravitate towards the things we like most.  That is true in our four walls with training and very much so as well in life.  Now I wouldn’t be a good coach if I didn’t get the best out of you… sooooo, tomorrow our workout will be the workout we DIDN’T choose from Wednesday.  Yikes!  But, it’s Friday funday so let’s enjoy our health and wholeness of our bodies that we are able to do such things.  Enjoy, and see you all mañana!

18th Of September Year 2020


Establish a Heavy 2 Rep Thruster!

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Handstand Push-Ups
Overhead Squats @95/65
Ballslams x2


Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Cal Assault Bike
Burpees w/ Plate @45/25
Overhead Walking Lunges w/ Plate @45/25

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