Proper etiquette differs from place to place.  Within the walls of a dojo, never do you walk on the mats with your shoes on and most times you bow stepping on and off the mat.  In a traditional Olympic Weightlifting gym you never walk over someone’s bar… it’s just bad etiquette.  Our designated workout areas are taped out for a reason.  If you are walking to grab your equipment, please walk around them, ESPECIALLY if you know someone is working out right there.  Safety needs to be a priority right now, and the comfort of every single member is important.  I am thankful we are open and have a facility right now… Our gym needs to stay open.  I think we can all agree to that, as well as the safety of yourself and the person that came in before you, and those coming after you.  I want to remind everyone to please keep spraying the soles of whatever shoes you are wearing into the gym as well as continue to wipe down all equipment.  Even simply sitting on a bench requires a quick spray and wipes with the disinfectant.  This reminder is important as we may get somewhat desensitized to our current protocols.  Fortunately this, like many things, won’t last forever.  For the mean time have fun, stay safe, workout, use your fitness, and see you tomorrow!!!

25th Of September Year 2020

8 Hang Power Cleans @135/95
12 Toes To Bar
16 Dumbbell Snatches

Rest 5 Minutes

8 Power Cleans @185/125
12 Pull-Ups
16 Dumbbell Lunges

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