A Variety Of Movements… Kinda Like A Buffet :)

Here’s a cool vid from the time they had double DT at the CrossFit Games… you know in honor of today.  The second video is heavy DT!  Yikes!  And the third… is Annie Thorisdottir doing DT at 155#.  By the way, that’s the guys Rx’d weight.  I thought this would give a great perspective after actually doing DT.  Enjoy!

30th Of September Year 2020

**Choose between Front or Back Rack.  If the high elbows is an issue for the Front Rack, this can be used to spend time fighting for that position… or choose Back Rack for an ideal load and push the weight a little more to get that stimulus.  The choose is yours!!

12 Pull-Ups
24 Wallballs
12 Deadlifts @275/185
24 Push-Ups/or 12 Ring Dips/or 6 Muscle Ups

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