A Very Special Birthday


Happy birthday to the greatest man on the planet.  My dad is my hero.  I love writing about my family and the memories I have of them.  My parents’ inheritance to my sisters and I will be far greater than any number in any bank account.  I believe if you have a child that would rather spend time having a conversation with you or make time from a busy schedule to make cabinets with you just to spend time with you instead of playing video games or watching tv… you are successful.  My dad and mom are as successful as any other that came before them not because they gave their children new Audi’s (Dream car 😍) for our birthdays, but because their values, beliefs, time, and hearts were given completely to us.  I love my dad, and thank you for always being the perfect illustration of the man I want to become.  Happy birthday!

16th Of September Year 2020


Bench Press

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Handstand Push-Ups
Overhead Squats
Ballslams x2


Overhead Walking Lunges w/ Plate x2
Burpees w/ Plate
Cal Assault Bike

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