We’ve had some tough workouts these past couple of weeks.  I hope you are taking the time to still recover.  Make the most of your time at home by planning ahead.  Whether that be getting groceries or when you give yourself some deliberate “me” time.  Meal prep if you have to… stay on a routine … More Recover

Happy Easter

Sending you a very warm and blessed Happy Easter to you and your beloved family.  This was the strangest Easter ever.  In the movie “A Star Is Born” the character Jack tell Ally right before she is about to perform to dig deep into her soul… that people are listening to her now and to … More Happy Easter

Hero Workouts

Well that Murph Prep workout was no joke.  I made the mistake of not wearing a shirt and my weight vest rubbed me raw!  Hope everybody got a chance to do that one because we are still going to be doing Murph this year!  So, tomorrow we will be doing a hero workout.  This is … More Hero Workouts

Murph Prep!

If you haven’t done Murph before it is a great workout done on Memorial Day to honor those that have served in our country’s military, and for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for that cause. For those of you that are familiar with it (and if your brave even if you aren’t), where your … More Murph Prep!

Unintended Long Winded Post… That’s How I Roll

How is your quarantine time?  How do feel psychologically, physically, or even emotionally?  Is there a change?  I have yet to come across an epiphany or self revelation that at times comes with such a situation as ours.  I have heard of Marathon runners that in the last stretch of the race, they have gone … More Unintended Long Winded Post… That’s How I Roll

Staying On Course

CrossFit has made in online style competition as grounds to still throwdown with your gym fam and buds!  The funds go towards affiliates in need during these times hardship OR register FOR FREE!  I hope we can all register and participate!  Make sure to register at Submit your workouts there and on our SugarWOD … More Staying On Course