Happy Easter

Sending you a very warm and blessed Happy Easter to you and your beloved family.  This was the strangest Easter ever.  In the movie “A Star Is Born” the character Jack tell Ally right before she is about to perform to dig deep into her soul… that people are listening to her now and to not worry or wonder why they’re listening, but to say what it is she has to say.  For my Easter my parents made burgers, but Caitlin and I just went to pick up food.  When I was getting into my adolescence I ask my mom not to make me an Easter basket anymore because it wasn’t cool…. how things change and the regret we have in retrospect.  I miss those Easter basket now.  She knows this and still, in the midst of literal chaos, handed me a plastic bag of goodies as we left.  I think of all times, now, the small things matter greatest.  I’ve been casually looking at social media as I normally do, and do know what I see…. I see what is most important to those individuals.  I see what people hold most value in this world.  It is family.  Mind blown.  The words that frequently echo and ring across all walks of life.  But, I scroll now down my feed and instinctively and unconsciously pass the “10% off” ads that once held my attention.  What I was scrolling for was authenticity… for genuine, pure, uncompromising love.  I saw Liz post on facebook (I’m usually not on facebook, Instagram is my jam) her daughter opening a gift that Liz captioned, “The look on her face” or something of that nature.  I watched and there it was… the face of an innocent child that can only fill the heart of those fortunate enough to witness such uncorrupted purity.  When I went to my parents house I uncomfortably waited outside…. the feeling of unavailability to just walk in as I always do was unnerving.  My beautiful niece of 2 years old banged on the window, as children do, and I hear her voice call out, “Tio!” (I’m her only uncle she calls Tio) and then a huge smile and a wave she learned before she could talk… she has the best smile.  My heart fell from 30,000 feet high knowing I couldn’t answer her call to run to her and pick her up.  I find it powerful and humbling that true love is always shown and demonstrated through a child.  The pure kind of love that makes today, Easter, the most important and significant day of the year… of all eternity.  The love that a parent has for a child.  The love I feel from both my mother and father… how they are different and their own, but sourced from the same.  I see it in my little sister’s unfailing loyalty and belief she has in me.  I see it in my beautiful older sister and with the family she is growing that blesses my whole family with.  She is expecting a new addition as well… a boy this time, in the midst of literal chaos… but why were we given a light if not to invade the darkness.

“Love that endures all things”



The 100’s At Home!
100 Air Squats
100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Wallcrawls (just kidding 100 Weighted Lunges)

The Corona 100’s!
100 Empty Barbell OHS!
100 Sit-Ups
100 Kettlebell Swings
100 Wallcrawls (Just kidding 100 Sumodeadlift High Pulls with dumbbell.. if you use a barbell use very light weight; e.g. 75/45)

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