We’ve had some tough workouts these past couple of weeks.  I hope you are taking the time to still recover.  Make the most of your time at home by planning ahead.  Whether that be getting groceries or when you give yourself some deliberate “me” time.  Meal prep if you have to… stay on a routine or a realistic schedule… GOOD SLEEP is a biggie.  Give yourself even 10-15 in the morning while you drink your coffee to get into a correct mindset, whether that’s a productive mindset setting yourself up for the day, or one of clarity to even just be thankful for what you do have and expunge any other thought that can be distracting towards those intentional 10-15 minutes that you are purposely setting up for you and you alone.  Remember your morning really starts the night before.

16th Of April Year 2020


Ladder Increasing by 3’s
Handstand Push-Ups (You can even set up as you do in the gym off of a chair or your couch!)
Standing Oblique Lunges
***Elbows high with your hands behind your head. Bring one knee up towards your that elbows. Try to get as high as possible. These burn more than you’d think! Don’t forget to get the same amount on both sides!

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Handstand Push-Ups
x2 Deadlifts
***Important… make sure to x2 (So DOUBLE) the reps you are on from the HSPU’s, for the deadlift
***E.g. if you are on the 4th round of 8 HSPU’s then you would be doing 16 deadlifts (8×2=16)

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