One More Day For Late Entries

I have the lumber and supplies waiting to be built!  We had a late last minute entry for our Squat Rack Giveaway today so…. we will have one last day to give your entry in by tomorrow at 3pm!  I will announce the winner in tomorrow’s blog!  Make sure to tag the CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness in your selfie post along with three other LEGENDS, and add the hashtag #cflotw.  If you don’t have social media (Instagram or Facebook or sugarwod are our platforms) you can also simple text me the pic, be warned, I’ll probably post that pic here! 😉  Sophia made a super cool and funny video that made my day!  Have fun with it!  Stay fit. Stay active.  Stay positive.  Stay healthy.  Stay humble.  See you guys soon!

Oh! And don’t forget to submit your Workout 2 that CrossFit HQ released this past Friday.  I know Easter weekend was here so get that one when ever you can.  You still have time! That workout’s details and description is at

14th Of April Year 2020


“Death By” is a format of a workout that uses the clock like an EMOM, but at the beginning of the first minute complete 1 rep… at minute 2 complete 2 reps, at minute 3 complete 3 reps, continue this sequence until you cannot complete the amount of reps in the minute… or until you die!! Good luck!
Death by Burpees!
or if you didn’t do the 100’s from yesterday’s workout do:
Death by Jumping Air Squats!

Don’t forget to post scores on SugarWod!

Death by Power Snatches
**You can use a barbell @115/65 or a dumbbell but… count right and left arms as 1 REP

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