Giveaway Challenge!!!

This quarentine life is lasting a bit longer than we had anticipated and hoped for.  So to help past the time and jumpstart some goal vibes… I will be doing a giveaway!  You have a chance to win a DIY squat rack that I will be building!  I saw I simple way to make a stout squat, and possibly even bench,  rack that I thought would be a great giveaway for you guys working out at home but don’t have anything to rack your bar on for them skwatts!  I will make it after I know the winner because it won’t be an adjustable height rack, so I’d need to know how tall the winner is lol!  Here’s how to enter!

Either Friday or Saturday…
♣  Post a pic or video (selfies are welcomed) on Instagram
♣  Tag 3 of your gym fam
♣  Post your workout and times on SugarWod

I will be choosing the winner Sunday! I will contact you will info and a virtual high five!! Good luck and Make your pic or video an epic one!

10th Of April Year 2020


3 Rounds Of:
1 Minute Plank
1 Minute Squat Hold with Arms Overhead
4 Wallcrawls
Immediately into…
3 Rounds Of:
15 Dips on two chairs facing each other
50′ Burpee Broad Jumps
50 Squat Jumps

Inspired by Carrie doing an mammoth PR Deadlift of 235#!! Amazing job and way to go! That is underselling what an admirable and phenomenal job you guys are doing. Keep it up!
Sit-Ups holding a weighted object (I like to wrap your arms around a DB like it is a Dion’s pastrami sub… or Dizzy!)
Immediately into 5 Minute Handstand Walk Practice!!

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