Murph Prep!

If you haven’t done Murph before it is a great workout done on Memorial Day to honor those that have served in our country’s military, and for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for that cause. For those of you that are familiar with it (and if your brave even if you aren’t), where your weight vest on these Murph Prep days do start getting use to the added weight on you. I use to use a vest often in my training, but in these recent YEARS I only wear it once, on memorial day… until now because I’ve done about half of my workouts here at home.  Wearing a weighted vest, or filled back pack is a great way to change what we know as common moments and add just a bit different stimulus.


Reference “SIWT” but use no weight or find a hold house object that you can squat with and press with… Text me with any questions and modifications. 575-640-1059. I wanted to keep this as close to intentional Murph press as possible… so fill a back pack for the extra load!



20 Front Squat (Use a barbell or dumbbells, but weight is not an objective)

20 Pull-Ups or Rows

40 Air Squats Run 90 Secs

Immediately into…


20 Push Press (Use barbell 115/75 or dumbbells)

20 Pull-Ups or Rows

40 Push-Ups

Run 90 Secs

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