Unintended Long Winded Post… That’s How I Roll

How is your quarantine time?  How do feel psychologically, physically, or even emotionally?  Is there a change?  I have yet to come across an epiphany or self revelation that at times comes with such a situation as ours.  I have heard of Marathon runners that in the last stretch of the race, they have gone through decisions, directions, and moments of their lives that become heightened and express a deeper more comforting realization of them.  I feel that one may be right around the corner for me, I hope.  Something to take from, learn from, and inevitably grow from.  This is that philosophical kind and even eclectic type of discussions… but there is a need for them, and with good timing, plant the seed that begins to process us of who we are.  A few more heavy hearted words.  An image comes into mind, maybe is more of a feeling and awareness.  Ben Bergeron said something once that was so simply said, but so profound simultaneously.  A while ago I head him say how it isn’t the easy times that we remember.  It isn’t the easy times that even make a difference.  No one ever looks back and say to themselves how amazing it was when things were just happening and things would just occur.  Go to work, go home, make the phone call, pay that bill, and do it over.  But, we DO remember those all nighters, and tough times, we had to make happen to barely get that presentation done on time… when we, by the skin of our teeth, pulled it together working our tail off in the final moments to crush that proposal, assignment, stress, that you worked so hard for and throughout.  My 2019 year will always be a memorable one… as will many others.  Throughout school when I was enrolled full time, and worked here, and at Big 5, and trained to be the athlete I am now, and partied with my best friend making unforgettable memories was a busy time.  As was during my internship in the heat and dust training performance horses and green horses that many had never been ridden, heart racing, and a few I that I remember that terrified me to death to get on, from 7-3 rushing to get to the gym to coach classes until 7:30 and then clean til 9 to do it all over again the next day.  But, they all seem to have that similar theme.  They all have to do with some form and degree of turbulence and struggle… that I guess is the only way to be processed into triumphant victory.  Training in the gym is the same.  If you only maintain a pace that you never struggle with you or never put that extra weight that challenges you, the road to being better will be long and unsatisfying, and most likely ineffective.  The times I’ve put more weight and felt those PR feels, and vibes, are indescribably the best.  Accomplishing, and harvesting, the fruit of your labors from a hard task IS what makes you… a true one of a kind.


10 Rounds Of:
7 Burpees
10 Chair/Box Step Ups
17 Sit -Ups

3 Rounds Of:
15 Power Cleans
30 Chair/Box Step Ups
45 Double Unders
Rest 3 Minutes then…
3 Rounds Of:
15 Back Squats
30 Sit-Ups
45 Double Unders

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