Staying On Course

CrossFit has made in online style competition as grounds to still throwdown with your gym fam and buds!  The funds go towards affiliates in need during these times hardship OR register FOR FREE!  I hope we can all register and participate!  Make sure to register at Submit your workouts there and on our SugarWOD platform to keep up with everyone doing there workouts at home! 


I just finished this workout this morning and….. it’s incredibly effective (Burrrrrrrner!) and very well programmed!  Give it a shot!  And, as always keep moving! Keep training! Stay motivated!  Stay focused and on track!  Stay healthy!  And as always, see you soon!

Workout 1 


10 Air Squats

9 Dumbbell Snatches w/Right Arm

10 Push-Ups

9 Dumbbell Snatches w/Left Arm

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