Hot Wings and The One and Only Jerod Houston

The one and only Jerod Houston joins me with some hot Hot HOT wings.  This is an invite into the life of Jerod, and just the iceberg of what makes this guy a literal one of a kind.  He’s been a CrossFitter that, by all definitions describe what it means to be inspired… and be inspiring.  He lives a life that I admire.  Itergrity is what I know as “Doing all the right things, for all of the right reasons, all of the time,” and I have never seen that walked out more truly.  I am fortunate and blessed to call him one of my best friends and wanted to share a nugget of what make this individual a diamond under the rut, as they say.  Jerod is in the police force working for the Doña Ana Sheriff’s Department, and that’s what we know him as.  The more I talk and learn from him, the more I uncover a bigger picture of what lies underneath a vast sheet of an ever ending story that he doesn’t knowingly know, but needs to be told.  We invite you to get the first close up look into what makes Jerod a “one in a million,” type of individual that, for me, am always left with an open hearted desire to want to hear and know more about.  Enjoy the video edited by Victoria.  She made, recorded, and slayed this video so entertaining!  Thank you Vic!  You’re awesome!

I hope everyone got a chance to hit that “Workout 1” from CrossFit HQ. If not, I’d would encourage you to do that instead of the workout I’m programming today. It’s a well programmed and intensely deceiving workout…. and it’s only 10 Minutes! Go to for more info of what CrossFit is doing right now!!!!


Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Chair Step Ups
Handstand Push-Ups
**Inch Worm (25ft every round)

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Handstand Push-Ups
Front Squats
**30 Double Unders every Round

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