Cinderella Vibes

My usual spots for cleaning products were nothing but dust and disappointment 😦  Luckily I learned from the mom to be continuously stocked and have extra.  I do wish I had more, but this will do for now.  Many CF gyms out there use floor cleaners like Fabuloso and other general cleaners, but our floor … More Cinderella Vibes

Being Intentional

On tomorrow’s workout you can either Power or Squat the Clean portion for the Clean and Jerks.  The only recommendation I would advise is to be intentional on your choice.  Whether you want to go lean on the side that you feel more comfortable and push towards the heavier weights that is great… as long … More Being Intentional


Anyone up for a swimming workout tomorrow?? I should have took a picture when I closed up tonight… Our indoor lake holds 6 full lanes.   4th Of March Year 2020 Strength  Build to a Heavy 3 Rep Split Jerk Conditioning Double Unders 100-80-60-40-20 Thrusters 25-20-15-10-5 @95/65

Staying The Course

The first video is just for funzies! I enjoy going back and watching old footage that acts as a reminder of staying on course. There is an old wilderness technique people use to use, and still use today to do the same. They pick a landmark that sets them to the direction they intend to … More Staying The Course