Tuesday Power/Strength and Conditioning

A reminder we will have 6am class tomorrow.  Next week will be another normal schedule time as well and then we will begin seeing the cadets from the County Sheriff’s Department again.  Thanks guys!


Tomorrow is a strength and Power component for our first piece and then a conditioning workout that will incorporate the loads we finished with from the EMOM as a percentage… strength and conditioning.  It’s all training though!  So let’s train.. be healthy,, stay fit.. be safe.. and have fun!  Saturday was one of the funnest workout I’ve done in a while!  Here’s a cool vid that upcoming video director sensation Victoria.

Annnd I can’t believe I forgot to throw out some birthday shot outs!  Duuuude! Happy belated birthday to Andrew!  The big 15!  Watch out Las Cruces… He’s behind the wheel now.  I’m excited to see this young man grow.  Also, a huge happy birthday to Mark and Kai!  One a kiddo with a whole life ahead of him and another that acts likes a kid… nonetheless, I hope everyone had a great and joyful day with loved ones and made some awesome memories!!

17th Of March Year 2020

4 Clean and Jerk
2 Clean and Jerk

5 Rounds Of
18 Wallballs
12 Cal Row/9 Cal Assault Bike
6 Power Cleans @75% of finishing weight from EMOM

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