Getting A Little Grippy

I can’t believe how many amazing squatters we have.  If I have to only choose one movement and that is the only movement I could train for the rest of my life, it would be to squat.  It is how you get stronger… and a foundational element that is so necessary.  You all grinded through that very tough endurance strength piece today!  Now to change the tempo a little and focus on some “I love me,” muscle groups… Abs and arms!  The next best thing to bicep curls, hang power cleans and rope climbs!

What in the world could he be thinking about…….??


“I love my coach <3”

10th Of March Year 2020

Alternating Tabata for 10 Minutes of:
Toes To Bar
Barbell Roll Outs

3 Rounds Of:
1 Round Of DT @ 155/105
3 Rope Climb Ascends
20 Hand Release Push-Ups

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