Cinderella Vibes


My usual spots for cleaning products were nothing but dust and disappointment 😦  Luckily I learned from the mom to be continuously stocked and have extra.  I do wish I had more, but this will do for now.  Many CF gyms out there use floor cleaners like Fabuloso and other general cleaners, but our floor cleaner has always been Lysol because it has the “Good Stuff,” in it!  We have enough for a little while…


Caitlin is, and has always been, a trooper.  Missing a party that was for sure to bring fun and joy (Sorry Teka) we spent all day preparing for the troubles that will soon be at our front door.  All week I’ve been thinking and developing actions plans prepping if, but most likely when, this requires some hunkering down.  Between the efforts and discussion will my parents, sister, and brother in law, we are better equipped with some tools to keep our facility operational.  You can’t find disinfectant wipes anywhere in town, but my family donated that should give us a grace period to do the little that we can right now.  I also made some disinfectant spray that I’ve set up around the gym.  I’m trying to do our part in this situation so please try and help us all by doing yours and wipe down your equipment.  You can use the blue paper towels set up by the water station or grab some from the normal spots in the bathrooms.  I will have more paper towels placed with each spray bottle shortly.  Even Amazon prime doesn’t fell like prime anymore!! Noooo!  Stay healthy..  stay positive.. take care of what’s important.. stay fit!


16th Of March Year 2020

Heavy Thrusters
***Yes these are off of the rack ;p

3 Rounds of:
10 Handstand Push Ups
20 Dumbbell Snatches
75 Double Unders
***Continue 3 Rounds of the couplet and then 75 Double Unders for 17 Minutes!

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