Open 20.1

!!!Attention Open Athletes!!! Plan to be here at 10:15. I’d like to have everyone here to put the heats together by 10:30 and give Heat 1 a chance to warm up and kick it off at 11. Then, pumpkin carving immediately following!! Bring the kiddos, your parents, your cousin, your neighbor, your childhood bestie…. the … More Open 20.1

It’s Open Season!

Kind of like Hunting season… let the games begin! I registered late, but I’m registered! I hope you do as well. Our first workout is already going to be released this Thursday! We’ll find out what we’ll ALL be doing at 6pm at and will have our normal Friday programming be that workout. I … More It’s Open Season!

Safety First

I love how this place is somewhere we can all enjoy and have fun.  I do want to take the time and ask to keep all the kiddos in the Kid’s Cave.   I would hate to have to mention this after an accident occurs, so for safety reasons please have your Young LEGENDS stay … More Safety First

“From The Hat!”

The very anticipated, the prestigeous, the famous…. “From The Hat!”  Keep a look out on the Gram for some fun moments of one of my most favorite days of the month here at CFLOTW!  Don’t forget about Pumpkin Carving Contest October 12th.  I completely unintentionally didn’t think about it being on the first Open workout… … More “From The Hat!”

Build That Engine!

Today’s tweaked of an Open workout was fun. I genuinely enjoy workouts like that… building heavier and heavier with decreasing reps! That’s my jam! I also greatly enjoy EMOM’s, I think I can possibly write a book on solely on them (with a lot of grammar errors probably)… to save you that dread I won’t … More Build That Engine!