Intervals, How I ____ You

I love intervals. They are so simple and effective, but there is also SO much to them in so many ways. We have to go hard in them. It HAS to be a speeding bullet for that time domain. I don’t normally do 4 minute block on interval training, but I thought that would be appropriate as the Open in years past have had similar time frames that was used in the format of the workout. In those if the work was not completed in the time frame, your workout stopped… you were done. There’s a lot of something to being well rounded and that comes in many shapes and forms. One of those is being able, and having the ability, to exist and tap into another gear. We don’t normally visit that gear… in training or in life… but it exists, and is crucial as is defining and in special circumstances. But, it is also a tremendous and significant tool to have and use when you need it (like that tool you bought at Lowe’s for no reason other than it looked cool, but you are sure as heck glad you have it when the time comes to actually use it) but, also takes a toll… you can’t always switch gears and go into it. Today’s workout didn’t have that. You cannot go maximum intensity on a workout like today…. well you can and you can’t. I believe much of that is relative. In our world in exercise science, power and intensity (Many times used interchangeable) are expressed through the amount of work, and distance worked, over the time duration of that work. An Olympic lifter takes seconds to perform a “MAX” lift, a sprinter exists in a similar world, but a different metabolic pathway. The longer duration, the lower the intensity. So the notion that Max Effort is expressed through maximum ability to use available ATP and quickly regenerate it, and then use it again is very relative. I believe there are marathon runner that can exist in a max effort…. because I believe it to be dependent on the task and other circumstances…. anyways… What are your predictions on this week’s Open? I thing it’ll be one of these interval (but not really interval) type workouts that require a BIG effort and work capacity/skill set to get you into the next phase of the workout. I love those!


15th Of October Year 2019

Alternating Sets:
Bench Press – 5×5
2-3 Minutes GOAT Training
**For the GOAT Training… direct your attention and focus on a movement we may see in the Open that has been neglected and/or can use some tuning up. So if it comes up within the next five weeks we have a better chance at tackling that workout Rx’d, and not defaulting to the Scaled (WHICH THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SCALED… BUT IF YOU CAN DO IT RX’D, IT SHOULD BE DONE RX’D).

4 Intervals of 4 Minutes on: 2 Minutes off:
2 Rounds of Cindy/20 Cal Row or Assault Bike (Alternate Intervals with the Cindy Complex and the Rower)
15 Box Jumps
15 Toes To Bar
ME Overhead Squats @105/70

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