The Open Has Come, 20.1 Is….

The Open has come!  I hope you are inspired and motivated for this mini season that in essence and with small words, snuck of on us.  The Open get’s the best of you… not in a bad way… it brings out the best of you better put.  I’ve seen individuals do things in the Open they would never have been able to, or even attempted if it not be for the Open.  What it does, and it does it well, is bring us to new levels that we’d normally not be aiming for, as well as heights so high that without it, we’d be holding ourselves back from our true self… the self that looks back at you in the mirror and is proud at what it sees.

This first workout it a doosey.  Very simple… very effective… very brutal!  It tends to be the simple ones that get you by knees and take you down.  For this one it is all about three things in you preparation… Opening your hips, opening your shoulders, and starting your engine early and letting it idle for a while.  It is very difficult and a mistake to jump into something like this cold.  The warmer you are, the better.  You are robbing yourself of your optimal performance if we are restricted in your hips and shoulders as well as not primed and prepped with LOTS of breathing and blood flow for this one.  Jump on a rower and AD bike for a while and get to stretching your anterior capsule of the hips, this is going to contribute to better mechanics to a “bend and snap” for the burpees… and the bar-facing burpees is where the money is at!  This is where you will easily and dominantly spend the bulk on your timing and effort to complete each set per round.  Don’t go out like a bat out of hell.  If you do, I guarantee it’ll be a miserable 15 minutes.  STEADY IS FAST… I cannot emphasis on that enough.  These two movement require lots of hip extension, so if you are tight and restricted you are compromised.  Come in early and ideally Friday and mobilize if you are coming in to do the Open at the very anticipated Saturdays!  Do the banded Hip Stretch and the Box Stretch for sure!  Ask your coach for any addition personal targeting.  Also, OPEN UP THOSE SHOULDERS!  This is a must as well.  Your shoulders have to be warm and primed to receive that bar over heard and specific for either jerks or snatches!  If will be very independent for each of you whether to perform this workout with either snatches or clean and jerks.  Generally if this is a light or lightish weight you can start by power snatching and then go to clean and jerks after the snatches begin to slow down.  That’s one option, another is to start efficiently!  If snatches at this weight is not an efficient choice for you then you may lean towards Power Clean and Jerk.  This is a tad bit slower, but the trade off is that is CAN BE much more efficient.  Come in tomorrow to mess around a little on how you want to approach it and get a feel for it.  I would recommend doing a full 3 rounds of this couplet for attain this.  No more than that, as well as some super light movement and focused and INTENTIONAL mobility work.  Do the warm up with the class would also be ideal.  Use bands for opening up the shoulder.  It is a bit difficult to describe here in words, but when you come in ask how to prep those shoulder for the snatches, most of you are pretty familiar with the jerk and there is more to the wide grip, snatch grip so don’t hesitate to ask for specificity for your individual ROM and needs.  And comes the idling of the engine.  Don’t jump start it and rev that bad boy at 3..2..1 GO!  Start it slowly and gradually build that intensity.  You won’t have a chance to get a second wind for this one.  Do that before you start and get a good sweat going on for about 10-15 minutes… so you should be warming up before the hear before you begins.  Good Luck!  You have put in the work… NOW IT IS TIME TO SHOW IT OFF!

Lastly, this will require giving it you ALL!  Leave nothing held back! Start the Open with your best of efforts!  I am glad it is a gut check workout to start the Open, it will do its worst to me, for I will do mine….

11th Of October Year 2019

Open 20.1
Time Cap 15 Minutes
For Time:
10 Rounds
8 Ground to Overhead
10 Bar-Facing Burpees

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