“From The Hat!”


The very anticipated, the prestigeous, the famous…. “From The Hat!”  Keep a look out on the Gram for some fun moments of one of my most favorite days of the month here at CFLOTW!  Don’t forget about Pumpkin Carving Contest October 12th.  I completely unintentionally didn’t think about it being on the first Open workout… but, that might actually work out better as history has proven, the first Open tends to have the largest crowd!  The best way to kick off this Open season!

One of, if not the, first Open workouts during and post that my mom did.

I hope all of you are planning to participate through registering at games.crossfit.com and if not, your presence is always encouraged and we can always use judges to help those participating focus on warming up and prepping for their heat.  Just talking about it is firing me up and gets me excited.  Don’t forget there are TWO divisions.  An Rx’d and Scaled division.  This allow LITERALLY everyone the ability to participate.  It is just as important if you have never participated to those that is their 9th year doing it!  I remember one of our former members Axel… He got a job in DC and left us 😦  {miss you Axel!}, signed up never doing CrossFit and no affiliation to any current member at the time, asking me about the Open and after one conversation, the next time saw him at the gym he told me he signed up.  I thought that so cool.  He had only been a member of ours for a couple of weeks and just wanted to participate with his fellow CrossFitters.  He even brought a cooler full of German beer at our potluck we have after the last Open workout.  I mention this to illustrate even if you are a new member you sign up.  CF HQ does a great job of making the Scaled option for each workout very doable for anyone.  And, it is here at your gym so if we need to scale further and modify we can certain accommodate that as well.  Let’s make this the best Open season we’ve ever had by having the biggest participation we’re ever had!


4th Of October Year 2019

“From The Hat”

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