It’s Open Season!

Kind of like Hunting season… let the games begin! I registered late, but I’m registered! I hope you do as well. Our first workout is already going to be released this Thursday! We’ll find out what we’ll ALL be doing at 6pm at and will have our normal Friday programming be that workout. I hope it has MU’s… like 7 minutes max MU’s… don’t worry it won’t be that, but how cool would that be!! My guess is 7 minutes of Burpees and some dumbbell movement… what’s your guess??

9th Of October Year 2019

EMOM 20 – Alternating
1 Snatch
30 Sec Practice of a BODYWEIGHT GYMNASTIC MOVEMENT… think of this as our GOAT training
**Your choice of either Power or squat
**If you were for weightlifting, do CLEANS!

3 Rounds Of:
25 Wallballs
50 Double Unders

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