Build That Engine!

Today’s tweaked of an Open workout was fun. I genuinely enjoy workouts like that… building heavier and heavier with decreasing reps! That’s my jam! I also greatly enjoy EMOM’s, I think I can possibly write a book on solely on them (with a lot of grammar errors probably)… to save you that dread I won’t do that here… today anyways. Go heavy on the deads we have in the EMOM as long as we have, and can maintain PERFECT form! Practice doesn’t make perfect… perfect practice makes perfect.

2nd Of October Year 2019

6 Deadlifts
30 Sec Row
12 Dumbbell Snatches
30 Sec Assault Bike

75 Single Dumbbell Walking Lunges
7 Rope Climbs or 10 Burpees MU’s or 40 GHD’s or 150′ Handstand Walk (Twice down and back)
75 Single Dumbbell Squats

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