Nutrition Challenge Weigh-Ins!

This Friday will be the weigh-ins to our First Nutrition Challenge!  I’ve some really really great things from people from this challenge… a lot from how different this challenge “challenged” you because of the standards and the commitment it demanded.  Super stoked and excited for everyone!!  Be here Friday immediately after 6:30 class for the weigh-ins, and the winnerS will be chosen either Saturday during the Open event or Monday.

Next, I’m going to be ordering CFLOTW hoodies!  I’m going to be taking a preorder for them because I don’t want to happen what happened with my T-Shirt order… I ordered way too many and now I’m stuck with a ton of T-Shirts and can’t really order any more until I get rid of the stock we have now lol.  This way I can be more precise on the quantity and use our resources for other improvements…. like new paint in our gym and equipment…. maybe my own screen printing machine and I can make my own designed for smaller orders!! (I think my passion is in t-shirt design lol.  I’ll try to have a mock up of them soon, but I will probably have to order soon, so either let your coach know or text me!! Get dem digits!  Hats will be in the works as well…. Winter is coming.

16th Of October Year 2019


Probably my favorite scene in this movie!! And there are many. What do you think will break first in 20.2?? Your spirit… or your body? (Don’t take this seriously… it’s just a take from the movie!)

A couple of fast workouts to STORM through!! Go Fast and fight like a younger man… with nothing held back… admirable, but mistaken.
Handstand Push-Ups
Devil’s Press!!! @50/35

Rest 5 Minutes

400m Run
30 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks @50/35
400m Run

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