What A Start To The Open!


There’s a birthday today that needs to be mentioned for mañana.  Jack Black is turning the big double deuces, 22!  Make sure to give him some good birthday vibes tomorrow.  Happy birthday Jack from all of CFLOTW!!

Amazing job from everyone that killed 20.1!  That was an awesome first Open workout!  One of my favorites actually.  It was a great way to kick off this Open season.  It’s a workout that really was all about how much you wanted to just hurt…. I love it!  Great way to start it all off and get some momentum.  I hope you are all proud of your effort and how hard you worked through this one… cause I sure as heck was!  I saw everyone put out… and sold out to finish strong and just so cool to see! I saw it from everyone.. that freakin fires me up! If anyone is wanting to repeat this one, first of all, you’re crazy! Second of all, the score sheets are still on the front table and everything still applies.  If you are repeating this one the benefit is that you shouldn’t be too sore, and now you know what to expect, and lastly the first time around should have given you tons of insight and information that you can use to increase your score.  It does usually help to have a crowd cheering you on so if someone is redoing it, give them that push to help them crush this thing!! Good Luck!!

From the Pumpkin Carving Contest!  Honorable mention, and first place winner, was the pumpkin carving prodigy that is Chau!  Her dragon was amazballs!!  Look at that thing!  I was shocked.. SHOCKED! Thank you to everyone that came and cut up pumpkins with me!

14th Of October Year 2019

3 Back Squat
Rest 2 Minutes
2 Power Cleans

**Ladder Increasing by the beginning Reps for each Movement
3 Pull-Ups
5 Wallballs
3 Power Cleans @70% of ending weight of Power Cleans from EMOM above

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