Open 20.2


When I’m cleaning the gym and think…. “but first, let’s take a selfie!”

Open 20.1 was crazaaay! Going into the weekend, and even looking back, it was probably my favorite “first” Open workout. It fell back to really just how bad you wanted to hurt! I loved that! A quick and notable honorable mention was Sofia’s workout… she finished it with just 6 seconds to spare! That must have been so awesome to see that finish! She went in my heat so I didn’t get to watch… I think I should put her in a heat by herself next time so we all get the honor, and privilege, to watch such an occurrence (just kidding Sofia… I would never)!

Tomorrow are weigh-ins for the Nutrition Challenge. They will immediately be following the 6:30 class. I hope to see you all there. If you have a hot date that evening and can’t make it, let me know early (text me) and we can get your measurements in some time during one of the afternoon classes… either way, we’ll make it work everyone.

I’m going to try something a little different with our discussion of this week’s Open workout. I’m was in the midst of making a video and my phone died (probably taking too many selfies). Look out for another post tomorrow, around midday, for it!

18th Of October Year 2019

Open 20.2!!!
4 Dumbbell Thrusters
6 Toes To Bar
24 Double Unders

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