CrossFit Total and Open Vibes!

Krystal is wearing the PERFECT shirt for 20.2!


The Open hasn’t let down yet. I was soooo dreading 20.2 but that was another fun one! A great test and a good Open workout. Some more amazing performance from E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E!! I love seeing such valiant and honest efforts. Can’t wait to see what is next! Hopefully some heavy weights! Don’t forget to submit your score 🙂

Now, we still have a few individuals that need to weigh-in for their Nutrition Challenge Stats. Make sure you do so today as it will be the last day so that we can pick our winners! The strength piece today will be used to establish our retest for the CrossFit Total. I love the progress and feedback from the responses I’ve gotten so far about the challenge. For those that lost weight that was most likely a goal going into this and that’s great! But, I also want to see if there was strength gained or lost or simply sustained with any changes… maybe we didn’t loose the weight, and know well that things shift around like crazy in your body so the scale is sometimes a LIAR! I’d like to see if you made some significant increasing in this retest regarding the other measurements we took. Pretty exciting stuff! I wrote down below that if you aren’t a participant in the challenge you can do this with everyone else or another strength component that is equally beneficial, but in a slightly different way. Your choice, but be specific in you choice of doing either.

21st Of October Year 2019

***The total is for the Nutrition Challenge participants. We established this number prior to the 8 Week Nutrition Challenge, and it is time to retest!! I didn’t want to program this the day of/or before the Open workout for obvious reasons, so we will be hitting this tomorrow! If you are not an individual that was partaking in the challenge you are welcome to retest this movements as well… or there is an alternate strength piece that will be given. You get to choose!

CrossFit Total!
1 RM in all three lifts
Strict Press
Back Squat

***Here is the alternate strength piece if you don’t want to hit those heavy singles because you either; one, feel like they are about the same; two, would rather get a traditional strength session in to get more out of it; or three, feel it may interfere with your Open performance (I wouldn’t think it would have as long lasting residual effects that would play a factor into this weekend, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that… but still you have the option as I know for myself sometimes that deadlift feels great, and it doesn’t hit me too much, and other times I’m done for the week!

A) Push Press – 5×2
B) Back Squats – 4×4

Clean and Jerks @135/95

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