Halloween Wednesday Gules and Goblins!

Halloween week! This year Halloween falls on a Thursday, and being Open gym we don’t have a normal class schedule, soooooooo we’re gonna dress up early! This Wednesday we’ll have a Halloween Throwdown day! Come in dressed to impress for your workout for normal scheduled classes… Halloween costumes that is! There’s been several people talking about their super cool costumes they are putting together, so instead of only having one day you get to dress up, we’ll add another to get the most out of our outfits! If you have a costume, show it off at the gym and best costume gets a FREE HOODIE!! This past Saturday Teka had that title at Jasmine’s and Luis’ Halloween party. He was dress as the guy from Moana and straight up nailed it! Better than the movie in my opinion… can anyone top Teka’s costume!?!?

29th Of October Year 2019

EMOM 20 – Alternating
30 Sec Sandbag Hold
30 Sec Hard Row/Assault Bike
30 Sec GOAT Training
2 Heavy Clean and Jerks

Death By Clean and Jerks!

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